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So you want to play with Me...after submitting your application

pending My approval ...we will schedule a session that will be of great enjoyment for

Me...and because I will enjoy it so much....I have no doubt you will, too.


Here is a list of My favorite activities....


-Electrical Play
-Experimental Torture
-Extended Captivity / Extended Sessions
-Corporal Punishment (Paddles, Whips, Canes, Floggers, Cats, Crops, etc.)
-Cigarette Torture, Human Ashtray, Smoking Fetish
-CBT / Ballbusting / Sensory Deprivation
-Latex, Leather, FUR Worship, Lingerie, Shoes and Stockings
-Bondage (Rope, Restraint, RUBBER, Equipment Suspension, etc.)
-Blackmail, Interrogation, Imprisonment Roleplays
-Slave Training & Punishment
-Feminization / Sissy Play / Pet Play
-Bare Hand Spanking / Paddling / Face Slapping / Smacking / Spitting
-Physical & Verbal Humiliation
-Food Play
-Shaving / Wax
-Aerobic Torture Sessions
-Objectification / Human Furniture
-Multi-Domme Sessions / Couples
-Role Play
-Tease & Denial / Chastity (Long-term Key Holding)


Mistress does not have interest in scat....blood play...

or any illegal acts...





 Calls from 10am-8pm only please.


Lady Lila Stern

Mistress and Fetishist