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Forced Feminization & Sissy Slut Play


In "sissy role play" a sissy is a person (typically a man)who adopts hyper-feminine behaviors, and engages in stereotypical "feminine" activities (e.g. housekeeping, putting on make-up), often within the context of BDSM. Particularly within the BDSM community, a "sissy" will typically assume the submissive role to a dominant female and/or male partner(s).


Often sissies in a BDSM context also identify with other fetishes and sexual practices such as: erotic humiliation, bondage, petticoating, cuckoldry, chastity, leather, latex/pvc, infantilism, corporal punishment, etc.


As a lifestyle desire or fetish activity, a sissy's feminization is a voluntary transformation from masculine to feminine, either physically, behaviorally, or both. The process is known as feminization or sissification. This transformation can either be permanent, or temporary. Additionally, this transformation can be something that the "sissy" goes through only in private (temporarily - fetish) or in public, temporarily or permanently.


Additionally, individuals who identify as a sissy represent a broad spectrum in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity and to the type of feminine dress and appearance they fetishize.


A sissy might entirely identify as a heterosexual and only desire to be dominated by a woman, while other sissies might be bisexual or homosexual and desire to be dominated by a man. And in forced feminization gender-play, a heterosexual (or bicurious) sissy might have the desire to be forced by his female partner to engage in sexual acts with a man.


In terms of dress, some sissies prefer ornate maid uniforms, while others prefer to dress hyper-sexual female clothing.


Are you ready to express your feminine side?  We are ready to explore with you and bring out the slut in you.   Call today to schedule your private sessions with one of our many skilled Mistresses.

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